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Membership categories are
  • Founder
  • Subscribing
  • Honarary

International Experts

Our Goals

PSOPP will help to provide a platform for promotion of the following:

PSOPP will help to review and update clinical pharmacy curriculum and clerkship in Pakistan.

PSOPP will help to promote excellence in pharmacy practice, education, and research to optimize the treatment outcomes of individuals in Pakistan by:

  • Facilitating the dissemination of information regarding pharmacotherapy, patient care, and community support.
  • Facilitating educational programs.
  • Advancing the quality of research.

PSOPP will help to develop models and means for promoting academia & industrial linkages in Pakistan.

PSOPP will help to promote health awareness among community through medical camps also including screening and counseling services.

PSOPP will help to promote drug safety and quality of care provided to the public. society will help to  promote awareness regarding pharmacovigilance.

The society aims to establish drug information and poison control centre for serving the community.

The society aims to uplift the profession through its Scientific conferences, Seminars, Newsletter, written communications (e.g., educational monographs, treatment standards, guidelines), and clinical training programs.

The society aims to initiate a series of webinars on different health & drug related issues by involving different experts around the globe.

PSOPP aims to help in designing different pharmaco-economic models that fit best to the local needs at community as well as hospital pharmacy.

PSOPP aims to establish linkages with other Pharmacy Associations around the world to promote collaborative working.

PSOPP aims to help in designing appropriate drug policy which promote safe & effective use of medicines in Pakistan.

Membership Pricing

The subscribers to the Memorandum of Association shall be the
Founder Members. .Founder members shall be liable to pay the Annual Membership Fee
of Rs. 5000/-.

The qualification for a Subscribing member shall be that that
person must have been a registered pharmacist having specialization in pharmacy
practice or a student of pharmacy practice. Subscribing members shall be liable to pay
the registration fees of Rs. 1500/- annually.

Any person who has or is considered likely to have the ability, commitment and devotion for or who in the opinion of the Board is likely to espouse, help, assist or further the cause of the Society may be admitted as an Honorary member of the Society at the sole discretion of the Board.